As men age and their hair changes color and texture, it can be tough to find a new hairstyle that will look sharp and feel stylish.

But, it turns out there are actually quite a few interesting, striking, and handsome hairstyles to choose from! In this article, we’ll explore 5 of our favorite senior men’s hairstyles and talk about ways to find new textures, styles, and colors for men over the age of 60.

1. Side-Parted with Silver Coloring

Side-Parted With Silver Coloring

Just because you might be a little gray doesn’t mean you can’t still use creative hair coloring with great results! With this hairstyle, we suggest using a suave silver color, both on the top of the head and in the mustache, along with a medium-short cut and a side-part. The coloring effect is subtle yet striking enough to make any man feel cool and stylish.

2. The Short Cut

The Short Cut

This Short Cut is a proven classic! It’s a great style for senior men with thicker hair, and it naturally accentuates any waviness you may have as well. Plus, it doesn’t get a lot easier to keep clean, combed, and looking sharp! Consider the tried-and-true Short Cut for effortless style in any situation.

3. One Wave

One Wave

The One Wave is a retro hairstyle that oozes classic flair and timeless style. It’s especially great for senior men whose naturally wavy hair is thinning and losing texture. With the One Wave, you get more body and texture on the top without the hassle or the need for too many hair products. It’s a simple way to rediscover a style from your younger days!

4. Short, Shiny Shave

Short Shiny Shave

For any man who’s bald or going bald, there comes a time to embrace your shiny dome and rock it with confidence. One of the easiest and simplest hairstyles for senior men is the Short, Shiny Shave—keep it smooth and shiny on top and shave your sides very close. It’s a clean, refined look that’s perfect for any setting.

5. The Short Caesar

The Short Caesar

The Short Caesar is another classic that’s perfect for men who are thinning a little on top. Your stylist will use short layering to blend your hair and help you wear it forward with just a small amount of styling product. It’s a great-looking hairstyle that’s not too hard to maintain and will have you looking and feeling great everywhere you go.