These reasons will make you want to get a cat right meow.


Just about everyone knows that having a pet gives people a long list of health and wellness benefits. So, what kinds of pets should seniors think about getting? Cats might just be the perfect pet for almost any senior looking for some extra companionship:


1. Cats are easy to care for

For many seniors, cats can be the ideal pet! Cats are low maintenance and do not require as much activity as a dog might need. With cats, they are happy staying indoors and are easy to entertain with toys and cat-specific structures for them to play about. Cats also sleep frequently and are usually content to curl up on their owner’s lap for a nice afternoon nap.

One great benefit for cat owners is their laid-back lifestyle. Cats do not need nearly as much exercise as would a dog. A simple swish of a toy will satisfy any cats daily exercise. Also, cats do not need to go outdoors for extended periods of time to use the bathroom. Instead, they can use a litter box that can be easily maintained and cleaned.


2. Cats make great companions

Cat owners form strong bonds with their feline friends, and every cat has their own unique personality. Cats also learn their owners’ daily routines and quickly become a valued member of any household. Most of all, cats are affectionate pets that enjoy giving their owners love as much as they enjoy getting it.

With their low maintenance, cats can be a perfect way for seniors to regain their sense of purposefulness. They help reduce feelings of loneliness while keeping seniors active and engaged. Being easy to take care of, cats provide seniors something to positively look forward too, and in return, they get that oh-so-satisfying love and affection back; there’s nothing more calming than a cat curling up on your lap and purring.


3. Cat ownership is good for the body & mind

Because pets like cats are proven to lower stress and anxiety levels, their owners often feel less lonely, and lead better, more healthy lives and have better overall feelings of wellness. Cat owners are generally more active and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They’re also happier and find their lives have more purpose. This means cats help seniors stay happy and stimulated, leading to cognitive benefits and better overall mood.

All of these reasons make cats a great choice for almost any senior looking for a new furry friend!