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#BestWithAge Spotlight: Fauja Singh

#BestWithAge Spotlight: Fauja Singh

Best with Age, Spotlight: Fauja Singh

A Marathon Life, for a Centenarian Marathon Runner

Many people consider running to be a difficult and demanding sport, and think of marathon running as just about impossible. Running 26.2 miles, after all, is not for the faint of heart. But none of this mattered to Fauja Singh, who only began running at the age of 89. This in and of itself is remarkable, but Singh’s story does not stop there.

When Singh was 100 years old, he raced in the Ontario Masters Association Fauja Singh Invitational meet and broke eight world records for his age group in a single day. Yet Singh was still not done running nor done competing. His zest for the sport drove him to complete his ninth marathon days later, making him the first centenarian to finish a 26.2-mile run.

Singh received a lot of international attention for his accomplishments, and quickly became an inspiration and fan favorite in the running world. In 2011, Singh was featured in a PETA campaign and in 2012, he carried the Olympic torch. What’s more, he was awarded the British Empire Medal for all of his contributions to sports and charity in 2015.

This incredible man, and zealous athlete, retired from competitive running in 2013 but reportedly still jogs for fun and health to this day. He is a shining example of what joy, perseverance and a positive attitude can get you – no matter your age.

Photo Credit: ESPN

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