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A Pivotal Moment Sparked a Life Long Passion

A Pivotal Moment Sparked a Life Long Passion

DeEtte Sauer’s story of how she pooled her life together and became empowered to achieve greatness.


DeEtte is the very definition of a soul set on fire and a reminder that it is never too late in life to find your “bliss point.” DeEtte lives a full life at 77, having earned more than 50 medals for swimming in the National Senior Games and being inducted into the Texas Senior Olympics Hall of Fame. But this vibrant life was not always her story…

When DeEtte was 40 years old, she found herself in such poor health that she struggled to spend quality time with her family. This pivotal moment awakened something in DeEtte and she never looked back. She began to exercise and take control of her life again in her mid-40s by focusing on wholesome nutrition and rigorous exercise that fueled her body and soul.

It was during this health journey that she discovered swimming at 58, and absolutely fell in love. Ever since then, she has spent every morning in the pool, bright and early six days a week, swimming 120 laps before starting her day. This commitment to the sport, and her zest for competition, propelled her to participate in eight National Senior Games competitions. It was through these competitions that she earned an impressive medal collection and has inspired many. She is a shining example of perseverance and strength, and her attitude is one of contentment and joy. DeEtte says:

“My personal philosophy is that everybody needs to be involved in developing a bliss point for their older years. You have to invest in all the different parts: emotional, spiritual, physical, financial and mental. I feel like I’m living in that bliss point.”

This remarkable woman is a reminder that we all can find – and live in – our own bliss points, today and at any age.

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